My Fortune Cookie


“Your happiness is intertwined with your outlook on life.”

I think this fortune has to be true for me. My outlook on life is really confusing. It’s cloudy and foggy. I think my outlook on life is so confusing because my current life status is extremely confusing. I don’t know up from down left from right… And, it’s really tiring honestly. My life needs some type of order. Everything is so chaotic. I just don’t know where to begin to pick up the pieces.

I’m tired of the alter egos…  But, I can’t quiet them or get rid of them. I can’t have the same personality at work with co workers and clients, with my kids, with family, with friends, with lovers…. They’re all different “Ego’s” (As I like to call them). Is that being fake? Phoney? I just know when and where to suppress some parts of me. There’s no way I can carry on as the person I am with my lovers at work. Nor, could I  be the person I am with my kids with my family… You see. So, I have to change it up. Any who I’m babbling. The point in all of this is my fortune is true. But, my question is this:

What actions must one take to change their outlook on life?

Can your outlook be changed? How?


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