My Love…

Ok, so this is a little of me thinking out loud. I have a boyfriend 🙂 Yeah, I’m happy all that good stuff. But, I just hope I’m not wasting his time… Why do I say this? My life is in utter chaos right now. I’m staying with my God Mother which is its on form of hell. I live at work Monday – Saturday. Any free time I have is spent sleeping, with the kids, or with the family. *SideNote* I’m watching the 5 heart beats while writing this and I’m sorry but “Nothing but Love for you” is gospel to me right now…* OK back to my random thoughts… Like I was saying  I just hope I’m not wasting this mans time. And, I do mean a MAN. If my life was in order I do believe I’d be able to make him happy. He’s so sweet and kind and EVERYTHING I could ever want in a man. SERIOUSLY. But, I just feel that the timing is off due to my circumstance… I don’t know where this ride is taking us, but I like it so far. I’m just scared of what might happen because of my chaotic life… I’ll keep you all posted on how things are going…


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