I’m so overwhelmed right now. And, all it’s doing is stressing me the hell out. I know the saying is “If you’re going to pray then don’t worry” and visa versa. But, it’s extremely hard not to worry. As mentioned before my life is utter chaos. I’m soon to be back on the unemployed market because tax season is only seasonal of course. Everything is just out of order. kids, home, finances… EVERYTHING! And, its like I don’t know where to start to solve my problems. There’s so much I need to be doing but just don’t know how to go about it or better yet when and how to start. I need to start looking for a new job NOW. I need to start working on the debts that will SERIOUSLY hinder me. Yes, they’re all hindering but we all know some debts are more important then others. I need to find a house, that fits my budget for. I need to make a decision about staying or going. I really need to make a plan and stick to it…. ok, enough venting for now. deuces


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