Ok, so I broke up with Derek over the weekend. Thought I did things the right way. I told him a week before that things were weighing my mind blah blah blah Long story short I told him that I may have been to hasty in this relationship stuff and that I needed to think of what should be done about “Us” he says ok I’m here for you thru the good the bad blah blah blah… Basically he didn’t want to end it I’m assuming. So, after a week of avoiding him and thinking and all of that I came to the realization that I just didn’t want a relationship…. with him. I just was holding onto the idea of saying hey I have a boyfriend ugh that’s so overrated… I can say this now LOL But, when I 1st wanted to end it everyone said no not before/ on Valentines day Cam that’s just evil. So, I waited. Then on V~Day he breaks out 2 tickets to the Chrisette Michelle show… 1- I’m not pressed to go 2-Now I have to wait to break up with him after the show… So, we go to the show it was cool. Nothing seriously major honestly 1- long day at work and I was on my feet all nite at this show 2-I couldn’t even see the chick. {Yeah I’m making this a long story after all} So, we get to his house after the show chilled for an hour and that’s when I convince myself ok don’t wait any longer just do it now and get it over with. So, we broke up on the “lets remain friends tip” which I thought was cool. He’s a cool person so why not. I’m just not romantically or sexually attracted to him so that only leave friends, right?? Went to Columbia had some “freedom” sex Any who, I had to! LOL. So that’s that… No hard feelings… Or, so I thought. I get on Facebook on Monday and I’ve already changed my relationship info back to “Alter Ego”. I see his is widowed and that someone has commented so of course I see what it say… Someone asked “Widowed?” and he says “She’s dead to me” WOW Seriously?? Thought things were ended on a “good” note. I guess some folks just can’t accept No. What’s Rosa’s saying, “If you can accept Yes, you can accept No” Not everyone believes this theory. Any who, I let it go took him off my fb n twitter like I see hot this is going… Then later in the week someone says “Ah Cam, Mo_Rease talking about you on twitter” I said “Cool” they say “you might want to look into it” I say “no thanks I’m not for Drama” they say “CAMILLE LOOK INTO IT” 1- it was said just like that 2- Only time I hear Camille is from folks that don’t know to call me Cam or When someone is being serious with me… So, I look into it and I read something along the lines of “I’m gonna bust her windows with the boots she got me” or something like that. Do you know how fast I hit PRINT! I swear this is why 1-I don’t downgrade from my usually type of men 2-I don’t deal with dudes around my way 3-I don’t let niggas know where I live/work 4-I keep a gun in my car n 5-always got some gutter ass kin folks…. I think this dude has seriously forgotten some major details… 1-I know where he LIVES he knows where I stay not live 2-I know his whole name, address, and his momma name LOL 3- Every nigga on Greenmount and 21st got my back 4-My brother is a cop and 5- I’m not pressed or scared…. Though he should be… I’m just lost how things went from a simple SIMPLE ass break up to this fool talking about busting out my windows?? I mean I wasn’t the best girlfriend, I was actually quite horrible. But what do you expect when the person lacks character, is a sloppy pack rat ass hoarder, fat and has a little dick, with VERY little experience. I was no where close to being sexually attracted to him… I can’t do big dudes EVER again in life! I was trying to be nice, but I just can’t get with it y’all!! I think we had sex twice maybe 3 times… why if I hated it so much? Trying to play the good girlfriend wrong, ha that back fired on me big time! He was the only getting a nut! Wait, I’m a lie cuz I was getting a nut every nite! Just umm not from him… Sorry, when have I ever been faithful?? Oh wait, with Mont… Kinda… Any who, just wanted to get these thoughts off my mind and leave you with this….


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