Hit n Run


Saw Derek (will now be known as “That D word”) at the bus stop this morning on my way to go and get Halfy… Kinda wanted to run him over with my truck. Just a little, nothing psycho though. LOL. Funny part is I knew it was him before I even got close to the bus stop. And, it wasn’t til I got even closer and thought yup that’s him. When he realized I was coming he turned his back to me and then when I drove past he turned the other way. LOL. Seriously, how old are we?? Ugh, what happened to busting my windows out?? When you come with psycho stalker tendencies you need to have a special warning level… I told y’all the nite of the Chrisette show this fool was walking to where I stay?? Yes, I stay in walking distance of him but 1-He didn’t call ahead 2-I def. didn’t suggest it 3-What if I wasn’t coming from there 4-What if I was planning on standing him up?  and 5-What was he gonna knock on the door and say?? Umm I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry (in my Mykal Couture voice) but we don’t do pop ups! He would’ve felt real foolish if he would’ve seen something he didn’t want to see LOL and felt it even more if he said what is this with the dick look and I just flat-out said “Umm oh you were serious about this being together?? Cuz, I have a problem with good dick, and that’s something you lack” LOL deuces before I keep going in…


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