Forever Young


Usher~Forever Young 1st 2 verses:

“I’ve walked alone and.. felt as If no one cared
All the days, so dark and dim..
But It’s like the raise of the sun somehow came down
To shine, when you were around
And I always thought that I’d
Never find that one..
To make me feel Forever Young…”

“But If I had one wish, my life to share
Would be with you and no one else
If I had open arms..
Would you have a heart to spare?
If ever you want me near..
I’ll be there to run and say I’m there
Givin’ you someone that understands
And a love that will never end
I can be all that you need and more…”

Ok,  a lot of people don’t know this song. Or, they just know this as the intro to his CD. But, it is in fact a whole song. With meaningful lyrics. The whole song is quite lovely. But, these 1st 2 verses have ALWAYS had a deeper meaning to me.

Before today the lyrics were just lyrics and I only hoped to feel how he might have felt while writing this song. When someone is in a happy place or experiencing something it really comes through in words if they’re good. And, Usher did that with this song. He made me WANT this feeling. And, now I HAVE this feeling and I Love it…. Enjoy


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