I cried….


Ok, well my first blog of the day was going to be about my eventful morning. But, then I read this quote:

“Hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earned
By those that are not entirely beautiful”
William Butler Yeats

And, it made me want to make 2 posts in 1. But, back to my morning. I had the pleasure of waking up to my Babe’s neighbors fighting. It brought back not so pleasant memories. (that’s a post for another day) Any who, I woke up to that and I said “I know how to make myself fall back asleep.” But, then I heard a woman being hit, I can’t sleep through that. I woke up and began getting dressed. Long story short. The Babe went to go and check on shorty make sure she was ok. Dude didn’t like it and pulled a knife on my Babe. Babe came in the room and I literally had to hold him back from leaving the room…  I was scared and honestly I cried. Yea Yea Yea I’m a big old baby. But it’s a lot folks don’t know about me. 1- I don’t handle knives and people being stabbed well (yet again, another blog for another day…) 2- I am a violent person at times, but I honestly don’t handle violence very well either. I’d rather just avoid it completely. Any who, this dude kept trying to get my Babe out the room by saying what ever he thought might work and I just wouldn’t let him… And, when I realized my Bae really wanted to go and handle the situation I started to cry. Not the boo-who ugly cry but the silent tears running down my face cry. He didn’t see me or hear me… But he might have seen me wiping my face. LOL. Any who I was crying because I was scared and I was crying because my man is a MAN… He was about to do what a MAN is suppose to do when he feels he needs to protect. and, he made me think back to a convo with my sister about the 3 P’s (Profess, Provide & Protect)… If you’ve read Steve Harvey’s book you’d know what I’m talking about.  But, he showed me right then and there that he has the complete 3. I’ve seen him Profess and I’ve seen him Provide and now I’ve seen him Protect.

I made a statement not to long ago (on fb) that he has 1 of the 3 keys. (3 is a special number lol) but, my 3 keys are this: House, Car and Heart… Due to present circumstances he can’t have the house key but that soon will change. But he definitely has 2 of the 3 keys. And, if I had a house key to give him he’d have it… I’m so falling in Love… and I like this…

Now onto this quote…. When I read my fortune cookie today it said:

Hearts are not had as a gift, but hearts are earned” ~W.B. Yeats

I loved the quote instantly because it seriously took me until NOW to learn this. So, I decided to look up the quote and its writer and that’s when I saw the whole quote. And, as a quote it doesn’t make any damn sense to me… So, “entirely beautiful” people don’t earn hearts, they just get them?? or just take them?? Can someone please help me make some sense of this last part of the quote… Or, did I just make sense of it for myself in my babbling…


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