A hard decision…

Ok, so this morning I was stuck with a hard decision to make. I don’t feel like going into details but I will say this it more than definitely would have put my current relationship in some form of jeopardy. Well, once I realized I can’t come to a conclusion myself I sought out advice from my favorite advisor giver. I call it Foster Wisdom… He’s REALLY a smart man though (another post for another day). But, as usual he told me exactly what I NEEDED to hear and not what I WANTED which means a lot to me, that’s why I always ask me. His advice, was this: “Ok hear it goes two wrongs don’t make one right! If you don’t set rules and regulations from the start of the relationship then it is doomed. Every relationship is different! So you can’t assume everyone knows what you expect if you don’t say nothing in the start of it what you allow and what you don’t. How many times you will give them to fuck up before you cut them loose.” See that was some pretty sound advice right?? Well, after that I was still a little like umm I’m leaning towards not doing what I’m thinking but I’m still not 110%. So, I log onto Facebook in the meantime and the first thing I see is this as one of my friends status’ : “If he really loves you, his presence in your life will make you a better you not necessarily for him, but for you. He’ll understand that you are not there for him to use, but there for him to love.” For some reason this sealed the deal and I was INSTANTLY put in a totally different state of mind. I realized that I’m tired of making the same mistakes over and over and following the same paths over and over trying to get away from the problems that keep holding me back. From now on when I realize I’m doing something that I’ve already done countless times before and I know the end result and I don’t want that result again then to do the complete opposite of it. Hoping this will work and that I’ll have the will power to do this!!

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.

With that being said, look for more changes to come in the life of Camille!

Oh and I found this online as far as thinking and rationalizing your changes I think it’s pretty nifty!

Ooh one last thing, this is some other things I read on Facebook this morning that made me realize I need to change my thinking and how I do things in my relationships. Because really I do love Ja’Rel and I do want to give us a good shot. I need to change my spoiled, and controlling ways or I’m going to push him away fast and he’s such a good man….

“Breaking the Cycle… Time to step out of the circle of repeated mistakes and comfort zones that cause us to end in the same place we want to get away from… the cycle ends today and lets begin to grow now so tomorrow won’t be the same as yesterday! Learn the Lesson and BREAK THE CYCLE NOW!!!!” ~A friend’s status

“It’s possible that your adulthood will be your primary asset today, Sagittarius, because the emphasis is on maturity. It seems that there is something going on concerning the greater good, and you may find yourself dealing with children in some way. There is a financial connection to the children, so expenses regarding education may be important. Maybe you are concerned about educational programs, because of the effect that the treatment of young people today has on the future. Be sensitive to your partner’s moods, and don’t be too blunt in dealing with them.” ~My Facebook horoscope which isn’t dealing directly with the topic of discussion today but it is touching on a subject I’m currently dealing with… This horoscope and the picture will make more sense in a later posting.

“Today is a day of unexpected surprises, Sagittarius, and this could manifest itself in your love life. Whatever the change or surprise is that comes your way today, it will influence your long-term in a significant manner. If you are attached, you can expect your partner to connect you with energy that will influence your desires in a very favorable way. Single? An invitation may cross your path today that you simply must not say no to. It doesn’t matter at this point who it is coming from, the bigger picture has yet to be seen and this is definitely an opportunity you should not pass up.” ~ and my love horoscope, see, the forces are telling me to change! So I shall!!


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