It’s gone…


I cut my hair! And, it’s ALL gone! Get over it. That’s what I’ve been saying for the past few days now. I understand most folks are going to have the initial shock and awe moment which is quite normal since I’ve always been known to have “long & pretty” hair. Everyone want to know why why why! What does the answer matter? I didn’t do it for ANYONE but myself. And, that’s what a lot of folks fail to realize. I cut MY HAIR for ME! Not for You or You or You! The funny part is the ones that are most hung up over it are the Men. Of course… Yea, it’s a few females that think I shouldn’t have done it blah blah blah whatever whatever whatever. I say they’re stuck in “Nigger-dumb”. What do I mean? I mean they’re so stuck on this “white girl” thing. Your hair is supposed to be long and flowing and blowing in the wind and all that crap. Whatever! That’s what you want, and that’s what you want for me and every other female out there. That’s not what I want. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you live your white woman fantasy. It’s hair it’ll grow back so get over it and get use to it. And, besides do you love me or my hair? Are  you my suppose to be friend, or my hairs  friend? I’m quite content with my hair. Shouldn’t that be ALL that matters? For once it’s a hairstyle that I LOVE and can actually manage! So, with that being said….


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