Who Said It: Thomas Haynes Bayly

When: 1844

If this statement couldn’t be any truer. Ok, so me and Ja’Rel spend CONSTANT time together. He’s always with me or I’m always with him. And, it’s OFFICIALLY beginning to have its toll on me. I’m sorry once again I’m Rosa’s child. I need space to  breathe and often. I like to be left alone for hours on end. That’s quite fine for me actually. I’m not one of those needy girls need to always be up under her man or talking to him or texting him. A break from him on a daily basis is QUITE fine… He just doesn’t get that. Yeah it sucks when he works nites and I have to sleep without him, but honestly I’ve grown to enjoy it! Why? Because he’s not right up under me snoring and keeping me from falling asleep. Plus due to living situations it’s a lot more comfortable to sleep without him. Then the him coming with me to work or while I run errands UGH it’s getting so tiring! I’m literally screaming GIVE ME SOME SPACE but he just isn’t hearing. Do I love him? Yes, of course I do. I just need room to breathe. Am I asking for too much? Am I being selfish? Does anyone else understand me and know where I’m coming from?


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