Groupie~ a female or male (mainly a female) that stays around the opposite sex all the time. She gives him an annoying nickname (i.e juju short for julian) and wants his attention at all times.
Say for instance its a really cute boy walking down the hallway and his name is Julian. A groupie will be loud and ghetto and scream “Hey Juju” across the hall just to get some attention from him.
The groupie thing, yea, please just make it stop! I have SEVERAL male friends, and the groupie syndrome is getting so ridiculous and it’s also quite hilarious to see how desperate some of these girls are. The lengths they go to, just to be noticed by him or the other females on these guys pages is hilarious. But, the real reason behind this post, I’m quite tired of Rel’s groupies! It’s like YES, You WANT what I HAVE… Didn’t these kids Momma teach them you can’t have everything you want? or, that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side? Most of these chicks only want the dick, not realizing you still won’t have what I have. I have SO MUCH MORE then some dick… and if he’s stupid enough to give them what they want and not value what we have then the 2 of them deserve each other. Oh, don’t worry I know that’s not an issue we’re having, I’m just making my point. The groupie thing is getting old, and tiring, and I’m ready to say something. But, nope… I’m just gonna brush my shoulders off and continue to be happily ever after. Because, I KNOW, that’s what going to kill them in the long run. When they realize they can’t get under my skin… Do they not know he shows me or tells me their full convos so we can laugh at them together? Ooops am I talking to much? Oh and on another note, I’m tired of our former “Woodstock folks” worrying about me being with a former student and him being with a former staff, omg just stfu and get over it already! We’re old news now baby. Go worry about who you’re with and you’ll problems. Don’t try to become a problem of ours because it will not happen… Ok, thanks, I luv ya, bah bye!

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