Something I’m terrible with….

Time Management!

Definition 1: Time management refers to a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time when accomplishing specific tasks, projects and goals.

Definition 2: The management of time in order to make the most out of it.
Definition 3: the skilful handling or use of time as a resource.

Definition 4: The process of scheduling and organization time to determine how much time is required to complete multiple direct and indirect tasks.

Yea, so this week one of my assignments due is a time management schedule. I think it couldn’t be due at a more perfect time. Because, literally 10 seconds before beginning this post I realized that my Son was suppose to be fitted for his suit by Yesterday… What is this suit for? Oh just the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF MY SISTER’S LIFE!! HER WEDDING!!! She is going to kill me dead! It SHALL be handled TODAY! I didn’t even log on to post this post, LOL it just HAD to become my 1st post of the day… Now, onto what I really wanted to come here to say toodles LOL


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