Just calm…


I have no cute quotes, or crazy sayings today. No crazy stories or any random rants & raves moments. Things have been pretty quiet lately. Ja’Rel and Me are just that, Ja’Rel and me… I’m getting a week off of school… that weeks off ends basically today. Classes start back up on Monday. And, if you didn’t know I’m getting my Associates in Human Service Management. Going to University of Maryland in Baltimore to get my Bachelors in Social Work. Just the beginning footsteps to my dream. I’m not even crawling yet towards it, I’m just learning to sit up with no support. Any who, the kids are doing good. Kai is having problems with his reading and writing but is excelling in his mathematics. Cherish is good all across the board. And, Jazz, my Jazz, she’s getting bigger and smarter everyday… Fall of 2011 she’ll be starting school, that’s amazing! I keep going back and forth with this weight loss business. One day I’m content with my size another day it’s ugh I gotta lose this gut!

I see myself making the same mistakes I’ve been making… and, I know the outcome of each and every mistake I choice to continue and make. What is wrong with me? Do I not learn? Do I think I can defy all odds? Only time will tell how truly crazy I am… Things are calm right now, just the regular ripples in the pond. No stones being thrown, no storms… just Calm… I like that for now… Is this the calm before the storm? There’s always a storm going on around me…


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