He’s Mine


Ok, so our break up lasted a week and 4 days. Yea Yea Yea we’re retarded I know. But, what we both failed to realize was that this was our very 1st argument and it went wayyyyy to far. After we decided to keep things cordial for the kids it kind of just went from there. We started texting a little here and there. Then we still had to see each other and speak to each other at band practice. Then he called me to look over some tax forms for him. I went to his job and it literally killed me not to be able to touch him or say I Love You or anything like that. So, I texted him and told him “We can’t be cordial and we can’t keep seeing each other, because I’ll never get over you if I have to do this everyday. I wanna say I’m sorry and I learned my lesson every time I see you so just come home. But, I know it can’t be just like that. I’m lost…” And, his response was “Truth be told, you can’t replace love that fast once you’ve had a falling out & I do miss you, the kids, & the family… I want you back Camille.” His exact words… Yes, I saved the text LOL. So, we shared our do’s and don’t’s and made our promises… He ended his week and 4 day fling and I ended doing my thing. I missed sleeping with him at nite, and I definitely missed his presence in a room…. I missed a lot about him. That week and a half REALLY felt a lot longer than what it was! But, on that note I have a song to share…


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