R.I.P. Duberry


I got my wake up call today. But, not on a day that I should have. Robin got a call this morning from Arlene aka Cosen asking her to pray for Duberry, her step dad. He’s like my Uncle so it hit close to home. Not too much longer the next phone call was that he was gone. We went to the hospital and it was surreal to me… He looked like he was sleeping, so it wasn’t real for me. But, I cried more than I have in a long time. I’m not ready for anyone to go, but who is? More to my day that I don’t feel like speaking on. Probably ever again in life. Shared with NeNe and that seems to be enough sharing for the day. I just know that it was my wake up call and that I’m getting way to old for what happened today. I’m mad about the situation. I’m mad at myself for allowing this to happen. And, I’m mad mostly because I do what I always do. Shut down…


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