Day 1: Ten Random Facts About Yourself


1: I make the same mistakes and never learn from the consequences.

2: Some members of my family believe I’m a drug dealer and are afraid to approach me about it. So, they’d rather speculate and talk amongst themselves behind my back.

3. I have 3 kids and they all have different fathers.

4. I don’t think my heart really has ever been broken. I have been hurt. I have been upset. But, I don’t think I’ve loved so hard that someone could hurt me.

5. I’ve never been faithful in a relationship. EVER.

6. I’ve secretly picked out my future husband. Only thing is, he hasn’t picked me…

7. I’m a really really REALLY good liar.

8. I’m probably more insecure then the typical female but I know how to mask it well.

9. I pray/think at least once a day that when I die I hope God lets me into Heaven because I’ve done some truly terrible things in this lifetime.

10. I have a really good ear for music. I love the arts. I’m always involved with at least one person who in some shape way or form is an artist.


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