Day 2: Nine things you do every day

Ok I fell off but it’s been a crazy last 2 days… On Tuesday my cousin that has moved in with me has finally pushed me to my breaking point and I had to get the fuck away before I broke something. And, then on Wednesday I spent the day STILL away with my Sgt. cuz I haven’t spent any solo time with him and it felt good too… Not just the sex, nooooo it actually felt good to be alone with him and not have everyone around. Any who off to these 9 things I do every day.

1.) Curse

2.) GetThink of some sort of sexual something

3.) Get on facebook

4.) Text

5.) YellScream

6.) Sing

7.) DaydreamFantasize

8.) Have a paranoid moment

9.) Do something I def. shouldn’t do…


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