Him- Am i fuckin u tomm

Me- U comin to Baltimore?

Him- Yea bwi hotel

Me- Uhh boy here we go… Lol

Him- Wats the problem i have a room y not cum no one wants to fuck u but me y r u trippin

Me- Wasnt trippin that time so hush but yea i’m wit it but it gotta be late nite

Him- Y so late? Y cant it be at 7-8

Me- Cuz i dont like living other folks in charge of my kids so i like for my kids to be sleepn

Sgt- U up can I call you real quick

Me- Yup n yup lol

*Sgt calls and we talk about something he wants to do. Before I hang up I say to him thank you for having perfect timing. He says, why? I say just because, and thank you.*

Me- Nevermind I cant…

Him- Y

Me- Cuz I was just reminded that I’m with someone that I actually Love n wanna do right by… Sry, nite hun

Him- O dam wat happen to our lil secret

Me- Tired of being someone secret and I can be his everything… goodnite

Him- O dam remember u just came for me like this so once he fuck u ova i dont exist ok i dont know u at all peace

Me-So, because I won’t fuck you we can’t be friends?? Ook I see how this works. I’m around for you n your bullshit falling in n outta love ish but ok no prob. N he’s not gonna fuck me over cuz he’s not a nigga he’s a man. wait… I can’t even really call you my friend since you wanna keep me as a f’n secret so good bye… *I’m still debating on responding…. you know what, I wont… AS MUCH AS I WANT TOO, I wont….*

I had to post this because I found it completely ironic how this played out. One of my fav quotes is “Everything is in divine order” and I do believe this. This conversation was even more ironic to me because of a post I made just 2 days ago on FB. Now, why didn’t I just tell the guy from jump since I really didn’t want to? Well see normally he doesn’t drive to Baltimore, I drive to DC for him so me asking was if he’s coming to baltimore was my way of getting a way to say no so I was shocked when he said he’d be here. Then he shares a hotel room with his cousin while he’s here that’s why he said no one want you but me or something along those line. I still didn’t want to go but to quite honest that’s some really really good sex. But, I’m really trying to do right by this man now… oh here’s what I posted on FB

Camille TheTruth RobinsonCamille TheTruth Robinson wtf am i out here lookin for? i got a man thats everything i need but im so busy out here bookn these lil dumb niggas to gimme what i want n they aint got shit i need… the nigga at heart shit has to stop before i fuck this up cuz 10 of yall aint worth 1 of him….Wednesday at 12:41am via Mobile Web

In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you like mine. ~Maya Angelou


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