Day 3: Eight things that annoy you


1.) People that use other people

2.) Cheaters that get caught

3.) Not good Liars

4.) Judgemental people

5.) Think they Know it alls

6.) When someone says they’re going to do something and don’t

7.) People that brag and really shouldn’t…

8.) People that say they want someone that is real and keep it 100% and then can’t handle someone like that

Doing these list are actually a lot harder then they may seem. I’m actually forced to think about some of these answers. I actually did this post already and for some reason wordpress wouldn’t let me post it. I’m was forced to remember what I had for numbers 7 and 8. I could only remember number 8 so I made a new one for number 7. Everyone should try to do this day 10 list even if it’s just in your journal.


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