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Tashi this journey is almost over you’ll soon be Resting in Peace… I love you baby and miss you like ish 6/19/83-9/20/04

To whom it may concern:

          I was asked to write a letter explaining how my cousins Natasha (affectionately called Tashi) death has affected my life. And, I didn’t realize that this would be so hard. Natasha and I were very close. Our mothers are best friends. We were exactly 6 months apart and she always pointed out how she was still the oldest. Natasha’s middle name is a part of my first born child’s name. I say these things so that you can get an idea of how close we were. I recently found a journal entry that I wrote after Tashi’s death and it brought tears to my eyes and its 6 years later. I had written a letter to myself after the death of Tashi and I wish I could find it to attach it so you could see exactly how I felt when this happened.

          I’m suppose to be writing this letter to get to the point of how my cousin’s death has affected me. When Tashi passed away my eldest child whom she was quite fond of was 3 years old and my 2nd eldest was going on 2 months and my youngest wasn’t born. They’ll never be able to get to know their Auntie Tashi. Our children will never be able to play together. I’ll never have the one person I called my personal glam squad all in one. We’ll never be able to sit and have those “Remember when” moments. Its 6 years later and I still have a moment ever so often when I go “I need to call Tashi and ask her does she remember…” and then I realize wait she’s gone. And, then I find myself in one of the biggest crying fits ever. I’m bringing tears to my own eyes as I write this letter. 

          There is no way in this world for me to put into words how it feels for someone to literally be taken from you. I wanted to be able to write a powerful letter so you could feel how I feel and that’s just impossible. Think of someone who is like your sister or brother and best friend rolled in one. Someone whom you’ve grown up with and you’ve watched each other grow. Someone who knows all your secrets and you know will never share them with anyone else. Someone who lights up a room the minute they walk in and you’re proud to say “they’re with me”. Now imagine getting a phone call one day and being told that person is gone. And, not only is this person gone but they were taken from you in the most violent way. If you can understand that, then you can understand how I feel. And, then you can understand why I feel this man should be put away for as long as he possibly can. He took something special from me. He didn’t just take something from me; he took something special from this world. He took a piece of my heart from me. He took our Tashi. Please do what you find is necessary to do so that he can never make anyone else feel this pain. So, that he can never take something so special from anyone else, ever again.


Camille H. Robinson


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