So my weekend was pretty eventful for me. Friday nite I went out with 2 of my bestest friends (and found out they ready my blog YIPPY lol I have readers lls) and we had an awesome nite. My thighs are STILL sore from that nite. LOL. I drunk texted Sgt and got A LOT off of my chest, which was rather embarrassing the next day when he decided to read these texts back to me. But, hey it’s over and done with and I actually feel better to put a lot of it out there. Now, the real challenge is saying it to him sober hmmm…. Don’t hold your breathe for that. And, Foster decided to drunk text me while I was drunk that hey I vented some more! Told him exactly what I feel as well, needless to say I haven’t heard from him yet PWAHAHAHAHAHA guess that means I scared him off. I mean that’s a good thing right? Means he shouldn’t be around anyway right? Well that’s how I took it. Truth hurts sometimes and people really fail to realize this. I even do this at times. I changed my number. YES. After 3 years of having the same number I changed my number. I feel like I’m running from my problems instead of solving them. But, I’m hoping that changing my number is a part of solving the problem and not just running from it. I also deleted A LOT of contacts in my phone and on FB. Kinda had my last “who-rah” this weekend I guess. {Sidenote- Rihanna has man hands and I like the red color on her. Sorry her video with Drake just came on lol} Sgt is mad at me because I technically stood him up yesterday. I can completely understand him so now I have to right this wrong. I hate fixing things, I never know what to do to make up for my mistakes. Church was good today too! The word was about “Lose” and “Recovery” I recorded a portion of Bishop’s sermon because honestly his sermon made me think about Tashi. Teon’s sentencing is tomorrow and I really wanted to be there… I’ll be there in spirit. I wrote my letter for the judge and I didn’t know how hard it was going to be to write a letter like that. I just knew it’d be the easiest thing to do and it wasn’t. I might post it later. Who knows. I’m realizing I’m babbling and I can’t think of anything else that happened this weekend that’s worthy of me speaking on…


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