Readers Challenge


So, I realized that my 10-day challenge (obviously not consecutive due to my procrastinating) is almost coming to an end. I then thought “Hmmm whatever do I do to continue with my (almost) daily blogging?” And, I thought, why not have my readers ask me questions! I don’t care what it is you ask but ask. Whether it’s going to help you. Or, it’s just something you want to know about me. Or, even if it’s simply a topic you want me to touch on. You can be anonymous if you want or not. I’ll blog about it or if it’s thought-provoking enough I’ll do a YouTube bit about it. Oh and those are to begin this week in regards to my 10-day challenge soon as I complete it. Anywho feel like I’m babbling now so where do you send you stuff you want me to answer? To:


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