Ok, so I’m being a copycat. I recently read and subscribed to a new blog Now the concept this young lady (whose thought process actually reminds me of my own!) has come up with is that she’s going to blog for the next 365 days and accomplish goals along the way. Some small to us, but big to her (and I completely understand that). Her ultimate goal is to better herself in 365 days and track her progress through blogging. So, now I’m going to play copycat and tweak this for myself. Now, I may even make a new blog (that will total 3) just for this challenge. The only thing is that she can blog everyday of the 365, I don’t think I can… Now, I must think of several goals: big, little, long-term, short-term…. None the less goals. That can be accomplished and are realistic goals… However crazy they may seem to you, it’s going to be things I know I need to accomplish within the next 365 days. I’m not even going to start on the new year or anything like that nope I’m going to start TOMORROW! Now, I’m going to make a list of…… 4 goals per month to accomplish. so that’s what umm 48 goals in a year? I probably won’t be able to think of all 48 right here and now but I’m sure I’ll come up with a list within this timeframe. Every month I’m going to pick 4 of the goals on my list to accomplish that month. The hardest part for me is going to be being honest. Being honest about my goals. Being honest about accomplishing them. And, being honest about why I didn’t accomplish them. I hate feeling defeated and I hate putting certain things about me out there… So, the ones that are just to personal for me share I’ll probably categorize as “too personal” or something along those lines. Anywho, here goes the start of my list and this is just off the top of my head.

  1. Get Jazz in a Head Start Program
  2. Get enrolled back in school
  3. Begin to get experience in Human Services field
  4. Lose 50-60 pounds
  5. Blog at least 5-6 times a week
  6. Spend more quality time with the kids
  7. Go Vegetarian for at least 30 days
  8. Try that lemonade diet at least once for a week
  9. Get a job
  10. Read a new book that’s different then what I usually read
  11. Clean and organize ALL AREAS of this house
  12. Speak your mind and don’t hold things in
  13. Explain to ADULTS living with you what you expect of them
  14. Get on top of and stay on top of (too personal)
  15. Go 30 days WITHOUT spending money on things other than NEEDS
  16. Start to clean credit
  17. Build credit
  18. Get a new (to me)  car
  19. Be flat-out honest to anyone and everyone for 2 weeks
  20. Go out more and do more artistic thing with friends and Mike (poetry, galleries, concerts, etc.)
  21. Plan once a month something to do with the kids and kids only (not just dinner and movies type thing)
  22. Say NO more often when you want to!
  23. Start something and finish something, anything!
  24. Give ADULTS living with you a timeframe to move out!
  25. Make Dr (3) appt’s and See a dentist
  26. Talk to Mami more
  27. Spend more time with Dad and Daddy
  28. Talk to Grandmama more
  29. Go see Wella once a month
  30. Write Benjamin every 2 weeks
  31. Don’t take in anyone else!
  32. Don’t take on anyone elses problems
  33. Be honest about situations when faced with having to be…
  34. Make a schedule for self and kids and stick to it
  35. Complete school with at least a C average (it’s passing)
  36. Make a 2 year goal plan
  37. Make a 3 year goal plan
  38. Make a 5 year goal plan
  39. Ask for advice when needed (from creditable sources)
  40. Put the kids in their own individual extra curricular activity
  41. Put the kids in an extra curricular activity together
  42. Take advice when given (whether it was asked or not)
  43. Make cover letter, resume, references and salary history
  44. Join a church
  45. Read the bible everyday

Ok, so only 3 more to go… That wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be… Now some of these things once I start I’ll just have to continue with them outside of the 30-day timeframe to complete them. So, that means some months I’ll have more things to accomplish than others. And, how will I choose which 4 to do per month? In order of importance. Some just go with others so it’s obvious which will have to be done together or back to back. Now,  I HAVE to sit and think what 4 need to be accomplished this month. I’m already short 4 days so let me chose wisely… GOOD LUCK TO ME!


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