Bah Humbug


I can’t wait for Christmas to be over. I (like everyone else) have made this holiday all about gift giving and gift receiving. And, I’m tired. I can’t wait until it’s just regular again. Everyone forgets that this time of year is about family, friends and loved ones. Not what you’ve gotten them and what they’ve gotten you. The pressure of trying to please everyone is taking its toll on me. I am done my Christmas shopping. But, there’s still a pressure on me. A pressure to please everyone. And, it’s killing me. but, only because who is pleasing me? Once you become an adult and have kids, Christmas becomes a totally different holiday then what you remember. And, it’s like even if I were working this would still be a difficult time of year for me. Next year me and the kids are getting away for Christmas. Just the 4 of us… Maybe. It’s like I’m trying to rush out this holiday season for what? 2 months from now is Valentines Day! Ugh, there’s no getting away from this gift giving and receiving until your dead and then folks are leaving crap on your grave. And, your spirit is left to feel guilty because all you can do for them is cut the lights on and off… Pwahahahahaha

written 12/22/10


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