Thoughts… sort of


written 12/26/10


Ok, so I told myself that I’d write 5-6 times a week. And, sometimes I feel like I’m forcing it. When I’m in the house I don’t write as much as I might like but that’s because I get caught up in the. While I sit here writing I’m thinking of all the things I could be doing. I could be finishing organizing my clothes. I could be finally cleaning the office. I could be cleaning my room. I could be cleaning my house. I could be trying to fix the toilet. As you see I could be doing a lot. But, I’m not. Anyway, I’ve been writing when the feeling comes to me. I call the truck the thinking truck because it has no radio. And, a lot of times I’m in it alone. So, I’m left to think. And, I can’t drive and write so I’ve begun to record my thoughts since I can’t write and it has sufficed as a means to gather my thoughts. I’m actually going to start typing them up because I think I’ve had some pretty decent thoughts if I do say so myself. Anywho, the whole point of this writing is because I’m not sticking to this 5-6 day business. No, I’m going to write when I feel like it and not force it.


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  1. yeah u gotta write when you feel it otherwise there’s no emotion behind your statements.

    1. Camille says:

      yea and trying to force myself to write made me realize just that!

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