The Storm


written 12/28/10

So, this must be the eye of the storm. I say this because things are calm and quiet right now. But, this storm has already started and damn it’s strong. But, by the time it’s over I’ll be left still standing. I’m determined not to let this storm get the best of me. I’m determined to continue to stand my ground and work hard for what I need & want. There’s a lot that I need. And, a lot that I want. I have to stop procrastinating. Stop being afraid of the future. Stop being afraid of progression. I “NEED” to simply stop talking and start doing. I can say a whole lot. But, as long as I’m not following through it’s simply bullshit. And, we all know talk is cheap. So, I need to start backing up my talk. And, I need to prove myself to myself. (if that makes any sense)


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