3 P’s


Profess, Provide and Protect…


As of one’s knowledge, belief, action, etc.; to avow or acknowledge; to confess publicly; to own or admit freely.


supply: give something useful or necessary to; give what is desired or needed, especially support, food or sustenance;


To keep safe; to defend; to guard; to prevent harm coming to

So, in Steve Harvey’s book “Act like a Lady, think like a Man”. He says that a MAN will do those 3 things for the woman he’s with. You’ll have to read the book in its entirety to understand it. But, it’s like hmm is he doing all the above? Can I say that he is and mean it…? No…. I can’t…. So, what does that mean? and, What does that say?…. Am I just nit-picking and trying to find something to fuss about? My feelings are hurt that’s for damn sure and whether that is acknowledged or not something will never change… I’m talking in circles yet again. I thought I was done with this subject but I’m not. I’ve vented to my male friends and gotten male advice. I’ve vented to my Ladies and got their advice. I’ve vented to him and gotten his side…. But, whatever… At the end of the day he gets what he wants and I don’t… Is that my spoiled side coming out? Is it wrong of me to want my way and he’s getting his? I think I can’t get over this because I still can’t figure out why we couldn’t at least come to a compromise…? Isn’t that what relationships are about in a sense, compromise? Ok, my head is hurting from this again and I really want to be done with this ish and I can’t drop it as much as I say I will… feedback please… Because, I can’t help but to feel like something is wrong and out of my control. And, no matter how much I explain my feelings, it goes in one ear and out the other… As usual my feelings aren’t as important as someone elses at the end of the day…. I’m not happy with this situation and I’m afraid of what that might mean long-term for me….


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