Why have you cheated?

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So, I went to seek out “Foster Wisdom” as I call it. And, I started to ask a “Why do men” question and realized he can’t answer that because he can’t speak for all men. So, my question then changed to “Why have YOU cheated in the past?”. And, his answer was simply this “The opportunity was there. Thats all I need was an opportunity then nothing more or nothing else.” Hmmm, simply as that REALLY! (He’s going to kill me for putting that out there like that. SORRY 😦 don’t kill me please I know you’re very capable of this lls) Anywho, I started to ask myself my own question “Why have you cheated in the past?” and, I realized if I narrow it down to each specific relationship I can give you an answer. So here goes:

Sean- At first, I only cheated when he was gone (Military School, Airforce, etc.) I only cheated on him once while he was actually home and that was because I honestly was young and dumb and bored… But, once I was left alone what’s the saying “The cats away the mice will play” well yeah I played lls. Tony is who I mostly cheated on him with… Man I met Tony when I was 15 and I’m just shaking him out of my life last year! He’s definitely a whole blog for another day!! But, he’ll be under the “Brooklyn’s Daughter” So look out for that…

Scooter- Because I simply wasn’t being satisfied.

Marcus- Yeah again wasn’t being satisfied

Mont- I was faithful 98.999999% of the time. I didn’t cheat until the end and that was just because I didn’t care anymore. He did A LOT of bull ish while together. So, I finally got to the IDGAF point…

Marc- We both were doing each other dirty. He got caught I didn’t. And, I honesty cheated because I could… I was being satisfied sexually but I just didn’t get everything I wanted “relationship” wise for him. This is where Papi came into play… that’s another blog for another day lls

Derek- I tried my first “use him” relationship. That didn’t go so well because I do for myself with no problems. And, he definitely didn’t meet any of my criteria as far as being sexually appealing, personality NADA complete turn off on all accounts so I cheated every chance I got. Sorry, going to hell in gasoline draws lls

Ja’Rel- My youngin… hmm he was a youngin because of his age. And, he meshed well personality wise but I knew he was a meantime deal until Mike got home. That’s why I kept him around. But, I cheated on him simply because I could and I knew that I wasn’t fully committed… If Mike hadn’t come home I’d probably still be with him….

Mike- Is a different story… He’s yet another blog for another day… He’s been several blogs thus far. But, once I figured out that we were together and we were an item and all that good stuff I can honestly say I’ve been 110% faithful since then. And, I’m not saying that because he reads my blog either. If I were worried about who reads my blog more than half the people above I STILL speak to and they read this blog. So, boy did they get a surprise already…

But, my reasons for cheating have been:

  1. I could.
  2. I didn’t care.
  3. I wasn’t being sexually satisfied.
  4. I wasn’t being emotionally satisfied.
  5. I was alone.

None of those are good enough a reason. I NOW know if you’re going to cheat think about 1 or 2 things:

  1. Is this worth losing/ending my relationship for?
  2. Why am I with the person if I have no respect for them?

Ha, I think I’m maturing FINALLY LLS


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thinking about the relationship you’re ruining may help sometimes, there are situations that no matter how much you know it’s wrong..It just feels so right.
    At least that’s how it felt for me…Until I ended up getting cheated on by the person I cheated with. Funny how life works sometimes isn’t it. 🙂

    1. Camille says:

      This is ABSOLUTELY TRUE… That’s one of my fears since I know his history and he knows mine… He’s cheated on people in his past with me but I’ve never cheated on anyone with him… I always break up with them before he would get home…

  2. Harnew says:

    *shaking head*

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