1.) Why now?

2.) Am I actually learning from past mistakes?

3.) Will I continue on this path of doing good or will I stumble and fall yet again, and stay down?

4.) Do I even really know what I want anymore?

5.) Why does it seem like it’s so much going on in my life right now? Can I handle it all?

6.) Do I really know what I was getting myself into when I made the choice to be in a REAL relationship?

7.) Do I have expectations after all? Are they being met?

8.) What is it I’m looking for, waiting for and working hard for?

9.) Am I a good mother? I seems that way to most, but I doubt myself everyday…

10.) Why do I even keep this blog? So, folks can peek into a bit of me and my life?

11.) Why have I been crying so much lately?

12.) Will I ever learn…?

13.) Is he the one for me, or do I just want him to be…?

14.) Am I the only person that can answer these questions?

15.) Am I or Can I be as strong as they say I am?

16.) ……?


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