I have learned so much in the last 5 months and I have so much more to learn… I’ve learned to be Humble, Kind, Honest, Positive, Strong and one with myself. I’ve truly learned what it means to “Love yourself first and most” and I’ve even begun practicing it. But, it’s like I said I have a lot to still learn. I’ve learned who truly loves me and cares for my well being and who’s just going through the motions because they’re “supposed” to care. I am shocked at the revelations my life has shown me in just 5 months. I’ve hit the ground running and I’m not turning back. I’m not letting past situations dictate my future self. I’m doing for me. I’m focusing on bettering the lives of my children and myself and everything is falling into place. When things started going down hill for me it was a domino affect. And, it was a hole I thought I’d never find myself out of. And, just like a light switch cutting on all the good in my life is rolling in just like that same domino affect. I’m FINALLY starting to see a glimpse of that person that is destined for greatness… that strong determined woman that almost everyone sees… I’m finally getting a glimpse of her in me.


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