On Mike… Sorry, cheating on Marc is no where in the forecast EVER…

So, I was re-reading some of my old blogs and I realized that hmm now I must clear up somethings. Now, it’s not that I wasn’t being honest with my readers or anything like that. It’s just that at the time of the events I wasn’t blogging. Ok, so first things first, I’m sure you’ve read in a previous blog or 2 (to lazy to link which blogs) that I NEVER cheated on Mike. And, once I accepted our title I remained faithful. Now, I can finally elaborate on that. Ok, so Mike came home July 30 2010 We didn’t become an OFFICIAL couple in my eyes until sometime after Thanksgiving.. Or was it thanksgiving? Who knows that’s not the point. Anywho, Mike was under the impression that I had already established in my head once he came that I was with him. NOPPERS I’m sorry I assume NOTHING. So, unless HE says we’re together, I will continue to act single. Soooo, that’s in fact what I did. I continued to be a single person. I still went on dates, n had “sleep-overs” and ish like that… He never asked me when did I start being faithful. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, to be faithful to a person you have to be WITH that person. And, if you’re not WITH that person you’re technically not cheating, right? Ok, so that clears that up. So, when did I cheat on him? Haha… Ok , so Mike and me broke up in May right? RIGHT. So, my little situation happened on May 17th, that Sunday I cheated on Mike with Marc. Weird right? But, I don’t remember ANY of it! Apparently Sunday nite my brother and a few friends wanted to take me out to get my mind off things. So, I went out and got ridiculously f’d up! I remember dropping people off at home, I remember driving to Marc’s house, I remember walking up his front steps, I remember walking into his room, I remember undressing and that’s it! I don’t remember anything else… Now, what makes this even more funnier is when I woke up! So, when I’m at home I sleep with my glasses and cell phone under my pillow. Papi, decided to call me Monday morning for whatever reason. I wake up and hear my phone ringing so I reach under my pillow to grab my phone and realize it’s not there. So now I have to open my eyes and find it on the floor. The minute I opened my eyes was the same second I answered my phone. My mind was saying “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO!!” and my mouth was saying “Hello”. I think Papi could tell something wasn’t right so he said he’d call me back in 10 minutes. I hung up, looked at Marc, realized I was naked and popped up out that bed so damn fast! I think that’s the fastest I ever got dressed. I got up out that house and headed home where I could get some answers. I left so abruptly that Marc thought I was upset with him. I was pissed with myself actually. Monday nite I have a clear mind and clear thoughts and I think hmm if I can cheat on Mike drunk am I capable of cheating on him sober? And, if I am, that simply means I don’t need to be with him. So, I call Marc and arrange another rendezvous. and, guess what? I did it without a care in the world, an ounce of remorse or anything… I realized if I’m able to cheat and not feel guilty about it than I’m lacking something in my relationship that I obviously need. So, Wednesday nite I say to Mike I was “thinking” we shouldn’t be together anymore, but I don’t tell him why. He says, “I was thinking the same thing.” WTF WOW! Except his reasoning was simply because he was a weak individual and could not stand by me during my time of need and I around for him for how long? Anywho, neither here nor there. Marc winded up picking up right where he left off in my life and Mike sometimes pops in my head… It’s funny how that works. Marc is on my mind daily and when I get home I can’t wait to see him like I didn’t just leave him that morning. Will that feeling last forever? I hope so…

Thanks for reading… Leave comments down there… Don’t forget you can always send questions and topics to imjustcam.wordpress@yahoo.com and I’ll respond to it at https://imjustcam.wordpress.com if you want to remain anonymous mention that in the email please and thank you!


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