Where The F have I been!?


Sooooo as you can see I haven’t posted in some time now… I’ve been completely overwhelmed with my oh so chaotic life! Between work, kids, hubby, other family issues, and now school it seems like I have to steal a free minute to myself and then try not and feel guilty about it! I have actually been able to go out for one nite 2 weeks in a row! WHAT! That’s amazing that has to be some sort of record for me and having a social life in the last 6 months LOL. Seriously, sorry for the neglect to my loyal readers, I’m here now… Don’t know for how long but at least I’m here now. Ok, so all in the world of Cam 1st thing is 1st… My job is what consumes me from 8a-430p. It’s not a very stressing job, it’s just the incompetency of my tenants and some business owners really gets under my skin!  I’m actually at work posting now, instead of doing this wonderful pile of work on my desk… The joys of having my own office. Don’t get me wrong, I do my work… I just save all the boring tedious stuff until Friday. You also have my home life which is a 24/7 job regardless of where I am! That’s 3 kids, a future husband, 2 cats and a house I can’t wait to move out of and into a bigger and better one. That is my 1st full-time job keeping all of those people happy! It is very hard to do and I often don’t keep them all happy. Sorry, that’s life you can’t always get everything you want when you want it! School is the biggest headache I’ve added to my life! As if my grandmother being sick and my mother being “mentally” sick are not enough of a headache on me and more stress than one needs I decided to through something else on my plate! I’m telling you I’m just genius… I’m sorry but I should’ve been finished school, and no time is better than the present to start. Yeah, I started late but so the f what, at least I’m doing it. And, this time I’m going to stick with it all the way through no matter what. No taking breaks, no dropping classes nothing. Now, the one thing I don’t like is the particular program I’m in takes almost 2 years to complete soooo I’m going to try to take more classes later down the line to shorten that timeframe up… Hopefully life will have calmed down a tad bit so I can do that. School wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t have the instructor from hell!! I’m currently taking 2 classes at a time, one a class that actually matters and another is a class that you’re just supposed to take because the school says so… Anywho, the class that it supposed to be hard I’m carrying a A in and the easy simple class this bitch is giving me a D in… How the hell is that possible? The world may never know! It’s fucking my overall GPA and the chick is really pissing me off! But, I’ve remained professional (which is hard as shit for me to do when I’m pissed) and I’ve realized you know what just get the damn class over and done with! Even if that means completing it was a D… Which really really really is gonna kill my GPA… Something I’m just going to have to move on and deal with… In the meantime, I’ll continue to do my best in that class and she’s just going to continue being a miserable lonely bitch… I really feel like she’s just over qualified to teach that particular course, which is a compliment to her actually… It’s like she’s making a basic simple easy A class like as hard as psychology or something… Maybe she needs attention… She must not realize, she got the right one cuz I’ll give her all the attention she needs! And, I’m just getting started! I find that some instructors are just really really full of themselves and have this high mighty attitude, and it takes someone like me to come along and chop them back down to size… I believe I’m doing just that and if my classmates, and other faculty members continue to be my allies than this is a simple walk in the park for little all Cam! I’ve already submitted a formal complaint about this chick and copy and pasted every single conversation we’ve had back and forth since day 1… I felt like my first faculty ally couldn’t do what I wanted so I took this ball game to a higher playing field… Let’s see the results I get this time, shall we… Anywho, now you know what has been consuming my time and energy these days. Sorry this post was all over the place but aren’t my post usually? School is the beginning of this years milestone and added stress next is: WEDDING PLANNING!!!!! yeahhhhh….. not so yeahhhhh actually… LLS

 Thanks for reading… Leave comments down there… Don’t forget you can always send questions and topics to imjustcam.wordpress@yahoo.com and I’ll respond to it at https://imjustcam.wordpress.com if you want to remain anonymous mention that in the email please and thank you!


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