My Bad…


So I’ve been slacking as usual… I’ve been completely overwhelmed with life!! With the family, school, work, etc. I’m swamped… I barely have any free time. When I do have free time I’m spending it running the streets to get my daily freedom 🙂 There is a lot I want to write about. Losing my grandmother, my choices lately, my ups and downs… A lot… I just have to find the time to sit and express myself. Plus I need to figure out what goes in a journal and what goes on here… One thing is for certain my life is spiraling out of control, while staying in control. You’d have to be in my shoes to understand that statement. I’ll try and help you, I’m gaining control in some areas of my life I’ve never been able to control; while losing control of things I’ve always been able to control. I have to learn how to balance them all, which is ridiculously hard to do. Word of the wise: Don’t wait, Don’t procrastinate, just do things as soon as you’re presented the oppurtunity to! Remember that and DO JUST THAT and you’ll thank me later…


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