A Trip to Grandma’s House


Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending, Give without ending, Build without rending. ~Nina Roberta Baker

So, I went to Virginia Beach on Sunday. I had to drive my Aunts because one still lives in Virginia Beach and the car wasn’t going to drive itself back home. Once I got there I almost immediately did what I would usually do if my Grandmother was home. I went straight to her goody spots. What are the goodies? Her photo albums!!!! I spent at least an hour going through pictures and cracking up by myself. The mood was different. I was glad to be in my grandmother’s room, in her bed, in her house but I kept forgetting that she wasn’t coming home any minute. I kept thinking she’s ok, she’ll be back soon and then I’d realize wait no she won’t. I get on her computer to do my homework and she has a little note pad under her monitor. I open it to see what notes she was jotting down to herself and the very first page reads “Speak without offending, Listen without defending” I almost immediately realized that was her way of leaving me a finally message to live by because we all know “Everything is in Divine Order” will ALWAYS be something I live by. I knew that the quote that I read was not my Grandmothers original piece so I went to the wonderful thing we call Google to find the original and that is the beautiful original poem you read above…


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