Why do my Baby Daddy hate me!!?? Ugh


Ok 1-that was intentionally said like that, no I don’t speak like that. 2- I know the answer, cuz I’m an asshole! I give them a reason to hate my guts. I don’t make life easy for them, why should I? Do they make life easier for me? They give me dumb ass excuses! Need an example?

Me- You getting your kid this weekend?

Him- No, I gotta work.

Me- I work Monday thru Friday but I still make arrangements why can’t you?

Him- You’re the mother you’re supposed to.

Me- And, you’re the father so that means your not supposed to??

After that I usually don’t get an answer and then my child will go weeks sometimes even months before seeing their dad cuz I’m an asshole. No correction because they’re the assholes but they’d prefer to put the blame on me. Hey if that’s what helps them sleep at night so than so be it. Can I ask you fathers something: Do you really consider ALL your childs mother does to make up for your lack of being unavailable Monday-Friday? Can you imagine how your life would be if your child lived with you and your childs mother only got the kids every OTHER weekend? Seriously, what is every other weekend? Are we REALLY supposed to be appreciative that you spend 2 days with your child? Every other week REALLY? That means you see your kids 4 times a month and that’s IF you get them when you’re supposed to!! Wanna see how the “I need some money for your child convo goes:

Me- Hey I need some money for new uniforms.

Him- I don’t even have it to spare, I gotta pay rent, get gas, etc.

Me- Well I just paid rent, filled my tank, fed your child, paid my utlities, etc. that’s why I need money now.

Him- You can’t borrow it from someone until I get paid again?

Me- Why the fuck should I have to borrow from someone when you’re the other parent and we both work 2 full time jobs, yet only my income goes towards this child?

And again, my child usually goes a few weeks or even months before seeing their dead beat dad.  Today’s conversation that lead to this wonderful post goes as follows:

Me: Will you be getting Jazzmyn on Friday (send tuesday morning)

Me: Will you be getting Jazzmyn on Friday (sent this morning again, why do I have to ask and twice at that?)

Lamont: What is the address (You seriously don’t know where your child is or is going to be? Sad Sad man)

Me: She has to be picked up by 6. If you can’t do it plz let me know now (me establishing the expectations, sad that I really have to do this for a 28 year old man with 4 kids)

Lamont: I asked for the address

Me: I asked 2 different questions you still haven’t answered so what’s ur point? (Asshole mode kicking in as you can see…)

Lamont: U are really asking for it, I can’t pick her up unless i know the address where she is so the what u need to be texting me not none of this other BS (pwahahahahahaha and not it begins!!! ANARCHY!!)

Me: I’m asking for what? Are these idle threats? I’m not Samantha or Toya or whoever else so it puts no fear in my heart 🙂 (Samantha and Toya are his other baby mommas)

Lamont: I don’t threaten people who call the police, don’t have to for this I just want to know where to pick my daughter up from

Me: So you ONLY threaten people who won’t call the police on u? I wanna be sure I understand correctly u know so I can put specifics in the police report (icing on the cake)

So yes I’m a complete and utter asshole! I could’ve avoided ALL of this if I would have just made his life easier right? But, my point is I’m not going to waste my breathe telling you were to get your own child from, something you should already know, and you don’t wind up showing up to get her. I’d rather know now if you can do it or not. Don’t like how I play than don’t join the game or better yet don’t join the team lls Image


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  1. twindaddy says:

    Well, I get me kids every chance I get and if I could, I would take full custody.

    Also, I would wonder why you would have a child with someone who already has 2 other baby mommas and probably isn’t taking care of them either.

    1. Camille says:

      1- if it don’t apply let it fly
      2- I’m the 2nd baby momma n before my child with him was born he did for his eldest. Now u might wanna ask the 3rd baby momma y she had 2 by him that aren’t even a year apart if he wasn’t doing for his first 2
      3- sad part is he’s the “good” baby daddy out of my 3…. #djm

      1. efox says:

        Did you say our of your 3? You have three different baby daddies……? And there’s nothing wrong in your pathos? Wow, I came looking for advice on my one, but if you keep choosing loser to father your child then you deserve it. If your not married already, at least try to get married first before having another one at the very least it will offer that child some form of stability. But, then again it’s a unicorn of a man that will marry some who saw fit to lay up with not one, not two, but three losers. But good luck, I guess.

      2. Camille says:

        And who are you to judge? Are u upset that someone won’t settle down with your bitter ass?
        Unlike you, I’m completely happy with my situation and my marriage couldn’t be any better…
        You don’t know me as a person, you only know a scenario. Your judgments aren’t that offensive simply because they couldn’t be further from the truth…
        Good luck on whatever advice you came to seek for your 1 “baby daddy”… More than likely if it doesn’t work with him & you want more children you’ll have more than 1 “baby Daddy”… Last but not least and for the record I was married to 2 of my childrens fathers, and I’m currently married to someone whom I share no children in common but our blended family makes a total of 6 kids that we both raise together… See, your judgments were wrong… Guess I was a little salty, oh well… Good luck

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