They Say…


They say that you should never expect someone to change. What you see is what you get. I think that’s really an unfair statement. Life is about a never ending change. Goals change. Oppurtunites change. Situations change. PEOPLE CHANGE. It’s inevitable to deal with change in one’s life. Something is always changing around us and what must we do? Go with the flow, accept the change and adapt to it! Where am I getting at with this? It’s impossible not to expect someone you love to change. What do I mean? People say all the time “Oh, I never want him/her to change. I love them for who they are…” blah, blah, blah… That’s a bunch of crock if you ask me. Here aer a couple scenario’s to help you realize that I’m speaking nothing but the truth.

Scenario 1: A couple meet while in college. They’re both young and ambitious and have set a couple goals for themselves to meet throughout life. Lets say after college they’re still together. Do you really think no one has changed? Lets say the guy has changed and has become extremely successful while the girl has allowed for the hardships of the economy to get the best of her. Isn’t the guy going to want this “girl” to change? Wouldn’t you…? Be honest.

Scenario 2: A couple gets together while both are unemployed and dead broke, Neither person has a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. They both realize what they need to do to get their lives in order and they set common goals. The girl accomplishes each goal within a decent timeframe. A year later the girl has accomplished every single goal they set as a couple, but the guy hasn’t accomplished a single one. Isn’t the girl going to want the guy to change? Hasn’t the girl changed during that year?

Scenario 3: Girl falls in love for the “player” type. Luckily, the “player” typer falls in love with the girl too. Guy remains faithful and everything throughout the relationship. But, is extremely flirtaous. Yet, he always had been. Do you really don’t think they girl isn’t going to want the guy to change?

So, when you say “Oh, I’ll never want her/him to change” stop lying to your damn self. You’re going to want something to change at some point or another. And, other things will be forced to change with time, circumstances and situations…


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