What do I need?


At what point do my needs become someones priority?
When does someone, anyone pick up the phone, shoot a text or something and ask Cam are you ok? Do you need anything? And, really mean it?

It doesn’t happen. It’ll never happen honestly. I’m tired of responding to the constant “Cam can you….” questions. Don’t get me wrong, I ask for help too from a select few; but, I ALWAYS stop to ask what’s going on, how you feel, need anything… Not because I feel obligated to but simply because I genuinely want to know since I care about you. Why can’t I receive the same genuine care and concern?

I know why… Because my heart was made ten times bigger than most… Because my grandmothers ways are embedded in my DNA…. Because I love to help others as if it’s my calling… Because I’m just Cam…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    So do you always give with out expecting anything back? Do you cut people off when they dont give what you lend them back to you? I like reading your blog its very informational

    1. Camille says:

      I try not to expect anything in return… If I’m doing it it’s not just because you asked but because I wouldn’t mind at all… I don’t people off for something like that… I cut them off for other reasons…

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