Sacrifice my privacy?


Is this statement true? So, if there are no secrets & lies in your relationship, that means this person knows every dark corner of your soul, correct? I don’t know if that’s all it’s cracked up to be… What if you have some pretty dark corners, wouldn’t this be a setup to the demise of your relationship? If I knew every dark corner in my partner I honestly would think the worst of him; probably judge him daily and often think well what makes him so different now? I just know me and I’m simply trying to be “honest” and realistic here…
Lets flip this, now would I want my significant other to know every dark corner of my soul? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! For me that’s like reading my journal out loud for him to read. No thank you that’s not what I signed up for. I would feel like I’ve lost all privacy and then what when you part ways? This person knows everything about you and now you’re no longer even friends? Again, no thanks, I’m good!
I suggest this instead and literally it’s just a suggestion… Why can’t my past or your past be simply that, the past? If you ask questions about my past, meaning before you were in my life, I have the right to say lets not talk about that and that be ok? No consequences or repercussions! Now, should there be no lies and secrets, to a degree yes. Once an actual relationship is started, yes you owe being faithful to this person. Because that is what you signed up for… You have to right to lie and you have no right to keep secrets, for all of that be single because honestly it’s not far. Hypocrite? Possibly, I’m just realizing things differently nowadays.
If you’re willing to keep secrets and tell lies with no remorse that person does not deserve being stuck with you. That’s punishment and the worse part is that they don’t even know they’re being punished! If you’re capable of giving someone outside your relationship the time and attention your significant other has “earned” to receive you are punishing them by giving it to someone else. Does this someone else deserve your attention? Did they earn it? I mean, if so cool but drop your significant other if that’s the case… I don’t want to hear, well that’s hard, we have kids, it’s complicated, etc. etc. that’s the bs you keep telling yourself so you can sleep at night with a clear conclusion. If you’re not willing to stay and do right, leave instead… That way you don’t have to keep any secrets or tell any lies…


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