What I know…

So early this week I had an epiphany moment that meant so much to me and my overall growth as a person. The following day, as if God sent, I read Oprah’s “What I know for sure” and it was amazing. Understand it’s nothing that I haven’t heard before but hearing it after having such a deep and meaningful conversation was as if it was confirmation of what I now knew…

I’ve taken to heart a lot of things differently now. I’m seeing ways to approach situations and daily life differently. I know for sure that my life needs a whole lot of positive changes. It’s time for me to grow up and stop looking at the people in my life as controlling and more so as just what they are, people who truly care about me and my well being. The whole “it’s easier said than done” doesn’t even apply to me and this point of my life… I’m looking at things like everything is easier because I know EXACTLY what I have to do….

There’s so much more that I need to know and learn and I am anxious about this next step, next level, next journey of my life and I’m dying to see where it takes me.

#CatchUp or #GetLeftBehind

~I’m Just Cam


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