Where do I begin

He’s my do over. There’s absolutely positively no future and no expectations in us and I like that…

I love his presence, I love our talks on the phone, I love our chemistry but the thing that I love most of all is that I am not his and he is not mine. We are no one’s anything but yet we know exactly what it is.

I don’t love him, definitely not in love with him but I love that I’m not comparing him to anyone. I’m in love with the reality of our relationship because it isn’t one.

I realized I’m repeating old habits with him and he’s too good of a guy for me to dig my claws into. so, I retract my claws, I slowly back away from this man whose physical presence wakes everything in me, and I keep living life never missing a beat. I can’t do to him, what I’ve done to others he’s to innocent and couldn’t handle it and I like that… He’s not seeking for me to save him and I’m not waiting for him to save me. We’re just what the other needed. If I dig my claws in, I’ll ruin this man and I’ll tear him down like I’ve done others because they didn’t compare to you. He fills no void that I’ve created, no he’s created what I didn’t know could exist. Companionship without the relationship…

He compares to no ex, he compares to no experience, He is simply himself and I’m just Cam…

Greatest thing is, there’s no need to keep secrets, no need to tell lies… We just lay back for however long we want and do whatever we want because no one is rushing home to anyone… There’s no chances of being caught because who’s catching two single people spending time?

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