What I’ve learned


I’ve learned that you really can’t do the same things and expect a different outcome. I’ve learned that everything is in divine order; and if you just sit still, don’t stress out, have patience and faith, that everything will be absolutely ok. I’ve learned that you can think that the burden is to heavy but if you really dig deep, is it? I’ve learned to listen to the better part of my thoughts because the outcome is so grand. I’ve learned that loving, respectful communication is really a thing and it works! I’ve learned that it takes 2 to argue. I’ve learned to really pay attention to energy because it truly affects you. I’ve learned that my son is smart, kind and loving beyond measure and I should aspire to be more like him. I’ve learned that my past is my past, it is my truths, it is what helped mold me and no matter how messy it may seem it still taught me a lot. What else have I learned? The minute I accepted my past and owned my rights and wrongs, I took the ammunition from anyone whose every tried to use it against me. I’ve learned that my youngest daughter is truly a talented explorer who is never afraid to learn something new and she must get that from somewhere. I’ve learned no matter how much truth you give someone, you can’t force them to accept it. I’ve learned that the perception of things is dictated by the individual’s mind, not the circumstances of the situation. I’ve learned from my middle child that sometimes you don’t have all the answers and you just need to go with the flow in those moments. Finally, I’ve learned that people lie for 1 reason, fear; but, if they looked beyond fear in that moment the truth will beg to leave your lips.

These last few months I’ve learned a lot about my family & friends and most importantly myself. If you just sit and become honest with yourself on everything, I’m pretty sure you’ll find somethings you’ve learned too.


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