When Jurnee Speaks


I listen to Jurnee Divine. She speaks from a place of truth, positivity and beyond awesome energy.

Journey- the act of traveling or the distance traveled; to travel. Trip, tour, excursion, jaunt, travel.

Divine- of the nature of a diety; godlike; pleasing; to predict. Sacred, hallowed, consecrated, anointed, sanctified, ordained, revered, venerated.

She told me to write and I said baby I’ve been trying to write for years. I’m no poet and I’m no writer. Her answer was so simple, just write your truths and it’ll be poetry for those who understand.

See, Jurnee D is what I like to think of as my “alter ego” for lack of a better term. She’s my daughter who lives through my spirituality. Though she didn’t get to leave her mark on this world, she leaves it in me. She is my Phoenix hidden beneath everything I thought I knew… As I clear a path and embark on things I’ve never done before, she’s guiding me and whispering to me. I am slowly but surely learning to trust her because from what I’ve seen she knows far more than me. When I listen, things begin to happen for me that I wouldn’t and couldn’t believe. When I ignore her and do what I think I should, it’s like there’s nothing new there so why’d you even waste your time?

Jurnee isn’t going to help me, no she’s going to force me to look at everything; old & new, with a different set of eyes. She forces thoughts from a place I haven’t known long but it sure feels good there. She forces words and sometimes forces silence when all I know is to speak, but she reminds me to just listen. She forces me to drop insecurities, to drop negativity and to truly listen and see things her way. She is my daily reminder to simply get out my head and speak my truths whatever they maybe and as long as it comes from a place of love it will be interpreted as so. Maybe not now, but in the grander scheme of things.

I love the Jurnee Divine in me.


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