Sorry I offended you

Opinion- a belief or judgment that may be based on knowledge or simple emotion.

Defend- to protect, as from danger; to justify, on one’s actions; to contest as a charge or suit.

Offend- to effect or arouse disapproval.


Everyone is so quick to proclaim how they’ve been “offended” by the opinions of others. I have ALWAYS found the irony in it because if my opinion “offends” you, that must mean that you are in turn “defending” your own opinion. So, let me get this correct: You don’t agree with my opinion because it is offensive to your opinion? Why is either of our opinions so important to the other, to offend us? I’ve come to the conclusion that people either just want something to say or don’t know what to say. Why can’t it simply be, “let’s agree to disagree because we have different opinions.” Because we can’t live in a world that simple, now could we? I usually never agree with most opinions but that doesn’t mean I still don’t attempt to see and understand the angle they’re coming from. Uhhh, if only the world could see things so simply… Oh and I’ll probably never apologize if my opinion offends anyone… Still don’t understand? Just go back and read the definitions again, might help you gain the perspective I so desperately hope you see…


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