Bye 2015 Hi 2016

2015 has 1 day left and I just wanted to reflect on the lessons I’ve learned from start to finish!

I’ve learned that someone choosing to leave you, is a great blessing.

I’ve learned that traveling means nothing. It’s not just the destination but the company that really makes the trip.

I’ve learned that the physical distance between 2 people does not change the amount of love you have. Sometimes no matter how much time has passed, the distance can still hurt.

I’ve learned that if you ever want to be recognized for all your hard work, you must first recognize it yourself.

I’ve learned that everything good isn’t always good or a blessing.

I’ve learned the difference in responsibilities and priorities; but, I’m still learning when to put one before the other.

I’ve learned the greatest mysteries in love are usually right in front of our eyes and if we’re not careful, it will quickly disappear. The worse part is if you went through all that and didn’t learn your lesson.

I’ve learned that there REALLY is a lesson or message in everything.

I’ve learned that everyone who claims to be in your corner, really isn’t.

I’ve learned that doing the right thing doesn’t mean you’ll be happy.

I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to see yourself in others to comprehend something’s.

I’ve learned that being honest solves a lot of problems before they even begin. Wish I would’ve learned that a lot sooner.

I’ve learned that everyone has their breaking point. Once you push someone or hurt them, there really may be a point of no return.

I’ve learned that our greatest lessons in life are usually attached to someone.

I’ve learned that losing weight really isn’t that hard if you’re finally true with yourself about becoming healthy and not just seeing progress.

It doesn’t seem like a long list, but an entire blog post could be dedicated to each lesson in hopes that others can benefit and I can speak my mind.

With 2016 approaching, I hope the new year brings me so much more to learn. I hope and pray 2016 is full of awesome love, extraordinary energy, milestones and memories. I want to learn to put my feelings first. I want to learn to stand by my word. I want to learn how to forgive, forget, repair n rebuild. I want to learn how to dive head first into making my hopes and dreams a reality. I just wanted to not only get back on track, but stay on track. I want to take my writing further. 2016 is 1 day away and I truly pray this is another great year for me spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. I hope to learn a million and one things in 2016.


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