The Cliche

I often like to think that when I’m having my inner most thoughts come from a place of love and honesty, that it’s the Jurnee Divine in me speaking. It’s as if, if I stop at this very moment and really relax and listen to what’s happening, I might be able to make a difference. Now, that isn’t to say the difference will be monumental or something extremely grand. That doesn’t matter to me; it feels good to me, is what I seek.

If you really start making slight changes in your life;Changes towards your actions regardless of what the majority is doing. Those changes will eventually come to light in your own walk of life. Is that not the point?

We as people, as humans, as a society know the different types of people we are around. We have learned to accept things that we really should not accept. We’re constantly being told to accept it because if you disagree out loud, you’re wrong. Why must I be wrong? Why must the people, the humans, those members of society that dare to be different remain quiet?

We all have certain traits in us. I don’t know if this comes from human nature, our childhoods and/or the things we’ve accepted in life. As I grow older and I hope wiser, I’m really seeing that no matter what is going on; something is always going to have to be accepted. I’ve learned to accept people for who they show you they are. There’s nothing wrong with whom they are, that is them. We simply disagree with them. You have to accept that some people WILL just be some people; and, all you can do is decide to remove these types from your presence.

Simple Dimple, wrote a piece called The Human Race! and it really resonated with me on a level that we often ignore. We constantly have all the negative thrown our way and it leaves us with no hope. Social media, the news, radio, etc. It makes you want to scream there has got to be some good going on in the world that you can report on. I refuse to lose all hope because if I can finally start listening to that inner most part of me that is yelling to be the positive, ANYONE CAN. If we’re strong and really start following some of these clichés in life, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” things just might really change for society. This is my truth.


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  1. simpledimple says:

    I can feel the positive energy and optimism in your heart as you write. The truth you believe in is the only thing that can usher true change in the entire world polity. True change starts with us as individuals, as a family, as a people and as a nation. And if everyone adopts the same attitude, indeed, the world will be a better place. Sadly, not everyone is willing to make the change they clamour for. If only people will walk the talk, if only… Thank you Cam, for reminding us, yet again, of these clichés which in my opinion, remain the absolute fact. 🙂

  2. lovehappily says:

    You truth is right. One must be the change one wants to see in the world. Great post.

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  4. saniali68 says:

    Yah ! It’s true , but really who need change must first change himself and change can be considered if changed and by someone .

    1. Cam says:

      Learning this in my own life and it’s true.

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