If this is to be, then what is the rush? If I’m supposed to be with you and you’re supposed to be with me, where are we going that we can’t take this slow…
See, I’ve learned I’m learning things. I see things almost as clear as crystal. I’m learning that I can do anything I want to do because who’s stopping me?

Let’s take this thing slow. Let’s let this thing grow. Let’s learn our love’s language. Let’s do the things we’ve always wanted to do. Let’s learn and love becoming best friends. Let’s be the love for each other we’ve always yearned to receive. Let’s let this love build a trust so strong only death can come between it. Let’s explore our dreams together. Let’s build each other up and promise to never tear each other down. Let’s not get so lost in this love that we forget ourselves and our own dreams. Let’s learn the love lessons of our past mistakes. Lets learn to walk on faith and trust in the universe.

If this love is truly supposed to be, what’s the rush? Why can’t we just explore a little bit more? Why must we force that door? Sometimes, I just want to do something I’ve never done before; and this feels good to finally explore.


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