While I was away…


“how do you find self-love?
you dig. you isolate and you ache from being lonely. you heal. you accept, you look in the mirror and see God.”

Today is the first day of what I’m calling publicity/social media fasting. I’ve set accounts to private. I’ve deleted and blocked people. I’ve added people. I’ve uninstalled apps. I have went completely social media quiet to the point that I’ve uninstalled games that allow communication. My fitbit and Bible apps are my only thread to online communication. No need to explain why.

I don’t know how long I’ll do this. I don’t hope to find anything but: Knowledge to learn from past mistakes. Wisdom to try something new and different. Strength to accomplish it.

To some, social media means nothing. I had to realize how many “strangers” I’ve let in my space through Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Glide, etc. Strangers meaning these invisible people who’s true identities I’ll never get to see. I want to be selective in the information I put out and the information I’m taking in.

Remember this is just a little after midnight, so this is the beginning of day 2. I have a lot to learn during this fast. So currently the only ways to reach me are by call, text and email. I believe this will bring great things for me.

3/19/16 12:51 a.m.
°^~Currently ~^° Happy Birthday Malakai, Auntie Cam often thinks about you; I love you.


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  1. Michael Smith says:

    That’s interesting. I did the same thing. I found that my 800 facebook “friends” weren’t friends at all. We simply participate in some stupid mutual voyeuristic fantasy. Haven’t been on FaceBook since last Saturday. I decided that I needed to spend my time cultivating real (not cyber) relationships. You can still message me, but I’m not responding to or checking notifications or random posts.

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