Appreciate my honesty

No please, seriously appreciate my honesty. My delivery may not be the best approach but you have to appreciate my honesty. I could be yet another person in this world that not only continues to feed you BS but accepts your BS, too.

I must be cut from a different cloth. I appreciate honesty. I appreciate when someone can call me on my BS. I appreciate knowing that someone else appreciates the transparent.

I don’t read between the lines, and I don’t plan to start. My delivery is the only thing I’m willing to work on, when it comes to my honesty. There’s quite a few people who have me labeled as an asshole and that’s fine. I know that I told them the truth, it wasn’t what they wanted to hear; and because I didn’t sugar coat the truth before I asked them to swallow that pill, I’m an asshole. Truth is, I’m just honest. You’re the asshole for being upset with my answer regardless of my delivery.

I really wish people would get out of their own heads. Tuck their egos away and just see the bigger picture. Until that day, my circle of friends old and new will continue to get smaller and smaller. Hopefully one day you’ll wake up…

5/9/16 @ 12:48 a.m.


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