Blinders On

Nothing seems to ever have my full attention. I’ve been like this my whole life. Some days it can be overwhelming; most days it keeps me busy.

Even as I write this I’m partially paying attention to the birds sing their morning songs. I’m enjoying the silence of my house before everyone is awake and moving about. I’m even having a moment with my disappearing clouds.

I’ve been told it’s ADHD. I think I’m part genius; How many other’s can pay attention to so many things and not let a single thing overflow?

Some time’s when I feel that something is about to become so overbearing it will worry me, I hear my mother’s voice telling me to put my blinders on. See, when I was younger she recognized my mind is always on a million things. My mother said to me once, “You know why horses have those masks on during races?” I said “No.” “Because they don’t want them to see anything else but what’s in front of them;” As she put her hands along the sides of my eyes and blocked my peripheral view my mother said “Learn when to put your blinders on”.


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