My Ring. My only sibling tattooed on my body. My eldest. My everything. She is yet another soulmate of mine. My twin. My sister. A piece of my heart, with arms and legs freely roaming the world. Do you know how terrifying that is?

I don’t know where I’d be without this woman. It takes everything in me, to refer to her as a woman. In my eyes, she’s always still my baby. That’s probably why I feel I’m due some parental rights because when our father left, I thought he left me responsible for her.

It isn’t until this moment that I realize he left us responsible for each other. I owe this woman so much credit. I would not be where I am and this far into my journey without her.

She gave me and my children somewhere to live not once but twice. And that’s a tough pill to swallow no matter who you are. Taking in 4 whole people; into your home, your sanctuary is beyond an act of kindness. It is the best gift of love I could’ve received in this journey. She reminds me without even realizing areas that I need to work harder in. She points out without
judging or knowing she’s making me aware of traits I said I’m letting go.

She’s changing before my very eyes. And becoming this wonderful adult that I never noticed before. It’s funny how when you begin to make changes for the positive in your life, you start to see the people in your life who are also doing the same. Gives you hope for the process of progression and evolving.

∆^°^°5/6/16 @ 1:38am Happy Cinco De Mayo Ring, I already beat you but NLYSYITM just because^°^°∆


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